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Of course! We have hundreds of satisfied customers all around the globe.

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Once you dive into the plethora of knowledge regurgitated into book form, you too can have the guy/girl of your dreams in just a few weeks.

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All sales are final. Try selling it to someone else.

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"My family has had reign of the English province for over two hundred years, and without this book I'd have never laid eyes upon my sweet princess."
– Bradley Mortimus Basil III

"As a high school teenager, the boys can't stop staring at me and it's all because of the miniskirts I wear. I love being the center of attention."
– Cindy Sherwood

"If only the other boys knew what I'd do to them behind closed doors. They'll never forget who I am."
– Rebecca Woods

"StiffsNotes has helped me find the smart girl with a fiery attitude. She was alone in the stacks at the library."
– Rich Meade

About the Books

This parody book pair will rack your brain, melt your heart, and slap you in the face. Geared toward college student, the ideas in these books can certainly be applied to those of the older – or ancient generation.

You will laugh, you may cry, and most of all get a reality check. These books are not for the faint of heart. Offensive material is evident, and children under the age of 14 shouldn't read these without appropriate consent from adults. Yea, like they read anyway.


"Without these guides, I'd still be living in my parent's basement playing World of Warcraft for days at a time. Maybe there's girls on the internet"
–Michael Caruso

"My six figure paycheck sure has the ladies begging for more… money that is. But, she looks good, and I get to see her naked."
–William Henson

"My new man smells like a dirty butthole, wears super huge clothes, and drinks all day. I love him with all my heart."
– Sarah Fitzsimmons

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All rights reserved. Logos, books, layout, and content copyright it's respective owners. This website was created to promote the parody book series entitled 'Stiffs Notes' which is a play off of the actual CliffNotes books. This is a student graphic design project, not intended to violate any copyright laws. Any concerns about the matter should be emailed to the creator on the contact page. We are not affiliated with CliffsNotes in any way.